About us

Abcon Xmas, Cottage, Trilliums 159

The owner and chief bean counter at MMC Accounting,  John McMulkin,  has worked in both public and private accounting.   John spent the first fifteen years of his accounting life working in public practice with his father, Peter.   Clients included small manufacturers, a golf course, wholesalers, transportation companies and professionals.   And, every spring, the shoe boxes filled with T4’s, T5’s,receipts, and invoices arrived like clockwork to be transformed into personal tax returns before the April 30th deadline.  

His career in public practice was followed by a stint as Chief Financial Officer at Research Casting International, a world renowned company that casts museum quality dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals.   His current clients range from an advertising supplier, a wholesale wine importer to the self employed.

When not sharpening pencils, John can be found at the curling rink and relaxing at his cottage near Bancroft.   John is also a fanatical Leaf fan and is proud of his loyalty to the team through their decades of playoff deficit.